SunRise Kids Mt Gravatt recently applied to the Cancer Council Queensland to become a Sun Smart Service. We are very excited to announce that on 28th January 2020, we received confirmation that we were approved!

Starting on 18th December 2019 we first created our own account with the Cancer Council Queensland. We then applied to become a SunSmart Centre by filling out the forms on Cancer Council Queensland’s website. Throughout the application forms, we answered questions about hats, shade provided, clothing and sunscreen. SunRise Kids were also required to provide information on our centre. This included staff role-modelling, the scheduling of outdoor activities and what learning opportunities we provide to the children.

The Cancer Council Queensland assesses our application

Cancer Council Queensland took all our answers into consideration and assessed our Sun Protection Policy. This occurred alongside their criteria before awarding us our Sun Smart status. To assist us on our Sun Smart journey, Cancer Council Queensland have provided us with a book called “A Simply Spectacular Hat”. This book is provided to  read with the children to continue building on their awareness of their own and others’ sun safety.

SunRise Kids Mt Gravatt have also joined Cancer Council Queensland’s QUEST program where we can continue to access age appropriate resources to implement across our service.


You can check out our SunSmart status HERE.

“National SunSmart Program has been awarding SunSmart status to Queensland schools and centres which have developed and implemented an up-to-date and comprehensive sun protection policy that meets SunSmart standards.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan said the program had played a vital role in integrating sun safe practices into school and centre culture over the past two decades.

“In the 20 years of the National SunSmart Program, a large number of Queensland schools and centres have shifted from baseball caps to broad-brimmed or legionnaires hats and from crewneck short-sleeved shirts to alternatives with collars and longer sleeves,” Ms McMillan said.

“Through the program we provide guidance and support to schools and centres to ensure they have a suitable sun protection policy, which includes recommendations on SunSmart hats and uniforms, sunscreen use, shade and sunglasses, when to schedule outdoor activities, and how to educate students on sun safety.”