Play at SunRise Kids

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

We understand what Albert Einstein was saying here and agree that learning through play is essential for children’s overall development and we can see that particularly with play at childcare.

It’s time to upgrade our outdoor learning environment

At Ipswich SunRise Kids, we are in the process of upgrading our outdoor environment to extend children’s opportunities for learning outdoors. Playing outside helps children to develop their learning abilities. By putting educational equipment outdoors, children are soon learning through play, which is a fun way of helping children to learn new information and skills.

We want our learning environment are a scale model of the wider world with a river bed made from rocks, a mud pit for digging and hill for sliding down. Of course our beautiful tree will still be the centre piece of the playground offering climbing opportunities, a serene place to sit and wonder or read, or a place for a relaxing snooze in the dappled light.

Our children, families, staff and community have all contributed ideas to our outdoor environment and we are beyond excited to see our renovations start early March 2020.