Early learning for different ages



Our Nursery is a safe, nurturing home away from home for your child, with equipment and educational resources that benefit the learning and development needs specific to children aged between 6 weeks and 15 months.

Our caring, qualified staff design play-based educational experiences in response to the cues of the children, optimising their learning while having the flexibility to follow children’s established home routines. In partnership with families, we create programs to guide and nurture babies’ fine and gross motor skill and cognitive development within a loving environment that ensures the comfort and emotional wellbeing of your child.



Our Toddler’s room is a secure, loving environment for children, aged between 15 months and 2 years, to develop their independence. With consideration for children’s individual needs and interests, we offer many educational, hands on experiences for learning to support their continued development and growing autonomy.

Our qualified staff cater for each child’s developmental, social and emotional needs by creating a nurturing, supportive space where children can learn and grow through dance, self-expression, creative and imaginative play. We believe in developing children’s individuality as well as the group as a whole, creating a sense of belonging while guiding children to develop essential social skills through interactions and relationships with their carer’s and peers.


Our Junior Kindergarten supports the continued physical, intellectual and emotional development of children between 2 and 3 years of age within a safe, loving and nurturing atmosphere. In Junior Kindergarten, children are becoming more independent, developing confidence and self-help skills including going to the toilet by themselves, washing and drying their hands, dressing themselves, getting their own drink bottles, applying sun cream, packing away toys and using manners when asking for things.

Qualified and experienced staff cater for and encourage children’s social and emotional skills through group play and planned group activities. Children learn to share, take turns, speak confidently and develop friendships. In partnership with families, staff design educational programs that give consideration to the individual needs of each child as well as the group as a whole, extending on children’s interests and experiences to provide an engaging and stimulating learning environment.


In our Senior Kindergarten room, children between the ages of 3 and 4 years continue to develop their independence while having lots of fun playing and learning with their educators and friends. Children will explore through language, imaginative and dramatic play, and fine and gross motor experiences.

Children are encouraged to contribute to the daily routine and weekly program and are given opportunity to experience things and develop at their own pace. Children are challenged and engaged through the resources and activities available to them during free play, and through the group experiences designed by their educators. Kindergarten eases the transition for children into our Pre-Prep room by creating a more structured, yet still flexible, learning environment. Children explore their world through literacy, numeracy, science, art, music and language with activities tailored to the children’s interests and capabilities.


In our Pre-Prep Kindergarten room there is a strong emphasis on school readiness, with children aged between 4 to 5 years guided and prepared for the next phase of their educational journey. The Kindergarten room is a very structured learning environment with a specific but flexible daily routine to ensure a smooth transition for children who will attend school next year.

In accordance with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, children participate in a program designed with consideration of the key learning and development areas of identity, connectedness, well-being, active learning and communicating. Our bachelor-qualified teacher works in partnership with families and the local community to create a program that meets the individual and group needs of the children in a caring and supportive environment.

Kindergarten is a wonderful place for children and families to develop firm relationships with peers and members of the community, supporting children’s social and emotional skills in preparation for school.

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Nursery to Junior Kindy (6 weeks to 3 years)

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Centre opens
Children and families welcomes
Breakfast is served

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Children transitioned to age groups for futher indoor/outdoor experiences
Free play

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Morning tea

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Planned developmental experiences
Music and dance
Free exploration of activities and resources in the environment

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Child interest led indoor experiences

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Afternoon tea

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Free movement
Indoor and outdoor experiences and free play
Late snack provided

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Centre closes


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