Welcome to SunRise Kids

Early learning and development is a beautiful stage of life. It is challenging, rewarding and best served by a childcare community who cares.

Welcome to SunRise Kids

Early learning and development is a beautiful stage of life. It is challenging, rewarding and best served by a childcare community who cares.

Welcome to SunRise Kids

Early learning and development is a beautiful stage of life. It is challenging, rewarding and best served by a childcare community who cares.

Why choose SunRise Kids for daycare or child education?

Our family owned business has been serving our community since 2008 and has provided thousands of kids with an excellent early education.  We take pride in providing a supporting, stimulating and rewarding environment for children to grow and learn.

Our Brisbane based centres offer a range of high-quality approved programs, fantastic play areas and extra activities such as sport, music and language lessons taught by fully-trained, friendly educators. Whether you’re looking for a child care centre, preschool, or kindergarten in Brisbane, you can count on SunRise Kids.







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What families are saying about SunRise Kids …

A warm and professional team

“Sunrise Kids Mt Gravatt is not just a childcare centre… it is a learning institution with a warm and professional team. Both of my boys have attended Sunrise Kids since they were 6 months old and have both thoroughly enjoyed their time there. The facilities are great, and a large variety of healthy food is provided. Thank you, Sunrise Kids, for taking such great care of my children over the last 5 years.”

Melanie Hunter

Engage our child’s imagination

“We couldn’t be happier with the experiences that our daughter has had in Kindy. We can see that the educators are very caring and committed towards the children that attend. They engage our child’s imagination with the broad topics they cover. But more importantly, our child loves Kindy, her teachers and fellow students.”


We love the education SunRise Kids provide

“My boys have attended Sunrise Kids from nursery through to Kindy. We love the teachers and the education they provide. Thank you for taking such great care of our children.”

Leah Johnson

Our daughter LOOOOOVES it

“What a well-rounded team you have! You all complement each other, and this makes a great centre with a happy and relaxed environment. The children seem so happy (and our daughter LOOOOOVES it!!!) A big congratulations to you and your team. I think you are all doing a wonderful job.”


Best daycare ever

“Best daycare I’ve ever sent any of my kids to in the last 8 years! The staff are so lovely and continue to help me with my crazy kids! Thank you guys!  Can’t recommend enough.”

Jaimee Draycott

Grateful for the love and care

“My daughter settled in to Sunrise Kids from Day 1.  There were no tears and all reports were that she was happy to be there which over time has become very clear to my husband and me.  When we drop Isla off in the morning, she quite often gets to the door to head outside and see her friends before we’ve even had a chance to get her hat out.  We are very grateful for the love and care that the team have shown our daughter and we know that she has a strong connection with a couple of the educators.”

Luke and Rachel Scott

Wouldn’t choose anywhere else

“We love this centre and wouldn’t choose anywhere else. Been coming here for all 3 kids for 11 years now.”

Kylie Farooq

Such an amazing centre

“Such an amazing centre! Cannot speak highly enough of the place! Amazing staff: they’re all such wonderful ladies! The upgrades look fantastic too!!”

Jessica Coulson

Always keep us updated

“We absolutely love Sunrise Kids Kallangur. Our children love going here and actually get excited when we pull up the car at drop off. The staff are so friendly and caring, and always keep us updated about our kids progress and day to day activities. We’ve been to a few day care centres and can confidently say Sunrise Kids Kallangur is the best.”

Monique Osborn

Always friendly and happy

“I enjoy seeing the main activities that my child has engaged in through the day in emailed slides or ‘Story park’. It is effective when monthly special days are also advertised within the weekly email, and also ‘Story park’, so that no special dress up days are missed. Staff at Ipswich are always friendly and happy to fill you in on the daily activities of your child.”

Lauren Hunt

Eternally grateful for the care

“Before my son started, he had some troubles with social interactions. His sense of engagement and inquisitiveness has increased significantly since joining Sunrise Kids and it makes my heart so happy to see him coming out of his shell, even if it is to ramble nonsense to anyone who will listen. The staff are wonderful and I’m sure it’s also thanks to having a wonderful director.  It’s so good to have ease of mind leaving our children in such a caring environment. We are eternally grateful for the care and interest the educators have provided both of our children over the past few months and look forward to the future few years together.”

Danielle Pritchard  

Keep up the good work

“Keep up the good work. You guys are a God send.”

Mikayla Hall

Incredibly supportive of our family

“I can’t recommend the care, support and service from the team at Sunrise Kids Kallangur highly enough. We have been attending for almost 12 months and the staff have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure my girls are content and happy in the long days they spend at the Centre due to my work commitments. They are incredibly supportive of our family as a whole and are understanding to our child’s needs. You are always greeted with a smile and are provided your child’s progress daily. They have a safe learning environment in which my children (2 & 4) are thriving. Thank you, Sunrise Kids Kallangur.”

Kimberley Jarman

I can’t thank them enough

“Under new management now, the centre is still having upgrades done but go check out the fence!! No kids can bail out now!! All educators at the centre…I can’t describe how much they love their job. My little girl thrives off them and I can’t thank them enough.”

Rachel Michelle

They go above and beyond

“Thanks for giving parents and caregivers the opportunity for feedback. The Ipswich centre staff are amazing and go above and beyond for the children.”

Sharla Taueki

The teachers are brilliant

“My daughter has attended from nursery through to kindy. Amazing centre and all the teachers are brilliant with the kids. Excellent learning facilities and always made to feel welcome.”

Kylie Forrester

My children love going to Sunrise Kids

“My children love going to your centre. Staff are great and there has been a big improvement this year.”

Nikalah Hall

They genuinely care

“I have been sending my daughter to Sunrise Kids since she was 15 months old. She will be graduating Kindy this year and I can say she and I have had a wonderful experience. The team have treated my daughter like one of their own, they genuinely care for her development – socially, emotionally and cognitively. They share in her successes and help her when she stumbles. I know when I drop her off that she is in great hands. My son has recently started and was unsure at first, but I know when I walk out the door and until I pick him up he is in excellent care. The team are great communicators and keep me well informed on the happenings with my children and the centre.”

Rebecca Feldman

All-round happy

“I am all-round happy with the centre. If I have any concerns, the girls are all ears and happy to listen and communicate to me when trying to implement these strategies.”

Mascunan Family

This centre ticks all the boxes

“My son has attended Sunrise Kids for the last year. He started in the Daisy Room and has progressed to the Frangipani room. He goes 2 days a week on average, but the centre is excellent and very accommodating when it comes to any extra requirements. Sunrise Kids provides and caters for students of all needs and abilities. Alll staff are friendly, courteous, and appropriate. He has a mix of male and female teachers which in my opinion adds completely to the experience. The staff and students are culturally diverse providing my son with a representative sample of the normal population and the importance of migration and inclusivity. The staff take the time to provide for unique experiences based on the individual child’s inquiries and interests. This shows dedication by not only the centre, but the individual educators. The facility has an excellent playground for the children and is clean and immaculate. They even have chickens for the children to interact with. My background is teaching, primary education and university vocational and education-based lecturing/tutorials. I have extensive experience in evaluating classroom situations, early childhood and developmental literacy programs, vocational practicums, along with assessment and design frameworks surrounding ECE and educational policy. This centre ticks all the boxes in my opinion and I would recommend it to any person I know or interact with.”

Eric Wilson

Communication is great

“I like ‘Story Park’ and think it’s a good way to letting people know how our kids are doing .”

Stephanie Verches

Absolutely great

“Absolutely great with my son.”

Amy Bagnall

Top level education

“Thanks to the staff for providing top level education and care in the Kindy program. The transition in to Prep has been made so much more smoothly for my daughter due to all she learnt from her time with you all. In regard to my son, he tells us each day how his teachers are his best friends. Thank you for all the wonderful work you continue to do with him.”

Emma Hawton

Communication is exceptional

“Communication is exceptionally well done. I love the time the staff put into discussing your child’s progress upon pick up time.”

Heperi Family

Such wonderful care

“I have 2 boys currently attending Sunrise Kids Mt Gravatt. Both boys started at 11 months old. A lot of care was taken to make sure the drop off was as easy as possible for both me and my boys. I’m extremely happy with the care they receive at Sunrise Kids. The staff are amazing! I’m constantly surprised by the time and effort put into the activities for the boys. They are learning so much. I receive an email each day on what has happened that day with photos, putting my mind at ease as I can see they are have a great day. My oldest boy, now 4, loves going to Sunrise Kids, it is never a problem getting him ready and out the door when he is going to day care. Thank you to the team for taking such wonderful care of my boy. It exceeds my expectations and they are both incredibly happy.”

Marianne Hazelgrove

Thank you for your dedication

“We have had the pleasure of being a part of the SunRise Kids family for almost three years and have two children who continue to benefit from the care, teaching, love and attention they receive. Thank you to the SunRise Kids team for the dedication you show to our children.”

Shari Brown

A wonderful environment for early learning

“Sunrise Kids Acacia Ridge; what a wonderful environment for early learning. My granddaughter attends daily. The love and care of the staff is second to none. When I drop her off in the morning the warm welcome from every member of the staff is infectious. It’s a good sign when my granddaughter wants to go to Kindy she knows the day will be full of fun and learning.”

Graham Steadman

An amazing child care centre

“Sunrise Kids is an amazing child care centre. They have been wonderful with my little one who suffers from separation anxiety. Thanks for all you do.”

Ally Voigt

Really genuine and friendly

“This Centre changed ownership late last year. The new management is SO MUCH better. The Centre has undergone a complete renovation. Everything is lovely and new and is such a great environment for the kids. The playground is huge with lots of shade from beautiful, large established trees. The director and assistant director are great too. They are really friendly and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I feel like they try to do their best to be accommodating and helpful. The staff at the centre are great…really genuine and friendly. My boys love their teachers!”

Kelli Foo

It is highly impressive

“My daughter had separation anxiety in the beginning but within 3months getting her to get used to the place wouldn’t have been possible without carers great effort and attention. Her people skills and confidence levels have increased tremendously, and now I feel very comfortable sending her to the centre during my working hours. Most of all, I thank every single carer working so hard to educate the kids and looking after them when they need comforting. It is highly impressive. I certainly take my hats off to you all. My special thanks to Miss Jess and Miss Joyce in Frangi room, my daughter loves you and she look out for you all the time and I feel so overwhelmed how much she feel very settled and comfortable being there. Thank you for all the effort and being patient with her as well.  Lynn, thank you heaps for all your hard work and looking after the kids. Your positive personality entertains the kids so hats off to you too.  Jessie congratulations on your permanent role and love how you greet every walk-in and out. So much respect and thank you.”

Jean Myeong

Absolutely love the teachers

“Absolutely love the teachers here, they have made me and my children at home and welcomed.”

Sarah Duncan

They treat each child as their own

“The staff at Sunrise Kids Kallangur are always supportive and helpful, especially with my son who has special needs. They treat each child as their own and help support family routines to establish children into a routine. Tracey and Emma recently bent over backwards to accommodate my 8-month-old for extra days when I temporarily had extra work, an opportunity I would have had to miss without their support. I highly recommend Sunrise Kids Kallangur not only for the care and support for the children and their parents but also for their ability to teach and create a suitable learning environment for all abilities and ages. Thank you.”

Kristie Wiesner

We love our day care

“We love our day care, such a happy, kind, loving, clean and friendly environment for the kids to learn and play. The ladies there are amazing 🙂. The recent renovations at the centre make it feel and look fresh.”

Keisha Kwong

Overwhelmed with the quality of care

“I am grateful and overwhelmed with the quality of care and professionalism we have experienced since attending Sunrise Kids.  We have felt nothing but welcome to the centre every time we visit.  As a previous employee of a few childcare centres, I’ve been very impressed with the level of cleanliness and obvious guidelines that are followed to ensure the wellbeing of the children which makes me feel at ease when I drop them off for the day. All of your staff members are super kind, welcoming and attentive to the needs of the children in your care.  It’s such a refreshing experience when we come to collect Max and Amelia and see the bonds between staff and children and the work that goes into keeping Sunrise Kids a great place to be.”

Danielle Pritchard  

Thank you SunRise Kids!

“Our son has attended both the Mt Gravatt and Acacia Ridge centres since he was 1 year old. The moment I walked into both centres, I was welcomed by the directors and got a sense that it is not only a wonderful place for children but a wonderful place to work.  It’s warm and filled with artwork, activities and colours, and I knew it was the place for us.  All of his carers are genuine, amazing people who give him the same love and care we would give him during the day when we are at work.  He has learnt so much, and the tell-tale sign we made the right decision is him not wanting to leave.  Thank you, SunRise Kids!”

Danni French

We are happy, long-term clients!

“The Sunrise Kids team at Mt Gravatt have looked after both my kids. We are happy, long-term clients! I love that all the educators in the centre know all the children by name, and I love the skilled care and attention that my child gets, catering to her needs. This is a warm, family friendly centre that gives children a great start.”


I couldn’t be happier

“For the past three years I have been sending my children to Sunrise Kids Kallangur and couldn’t be happier with the service that we receive. We viewed a number of centres before enrolling our daughter and Sunrise Kids was the only one that I felt really took the time to meet with us, learn about our child and assisted us to make the transition to day care as painless as possible. We now have two kids attending 4 days a week and they absolutely love it. When I drop my kids off each morning, I know that I am leaving my children in a loving, caring and safe environment. All of the staff are dedicated to their jobs and children and treat each child like an individual with their own strengths and needs. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I watch my children become more confident, independent and respectful to each other, their peers and the environment. I highly recommend Sunrise Kids to any parent seeking a day care service for their child/ren.”

Stacey Appleby

The teachers genuinely care

“The staff are warm and gentle. I like that the school is not too big. The kids get plenty of outdoor play and the teachers seem to genuinely care about the wellbeing of the children.”

Gillian Sadler

Amazing centre

“Amazing centre with dedicated and passionate educators. My daughter loves all of the educators and the activities they offer. I love how each day she experiences and learns something new.”

Rebecca Johns

Our son loves SunRise Kids

“Our son has been attending the centre for three years. During this time, he has had consistent staff which is very important for him as he thrives better with familiar faces. The staff always give him a warm welcome and genuinely care about his social, emotional and intellectual development. I always feel I am able to speak with staff about any concerns and they are keen to help teach and encourage our son with things that we have requested. Our son loves coming to SunRise Kids and has made wonderful friendships with the staff and children.”


The staff are amazing

“The staff here are amazing and friendly and so easy to work with. My girls so looking forward to going there and seeing the lovely ladies and gentlemen that work there. Would highly recommend them to everyone who would like their children looked after like they are with you the parent, so thank you for all that you do.”

Michelle Brown

This is her second home

“My daughter has been attending Sunrise Kids Mt Gravatt since she was 12 weeks old. This is her second home. Olivia is now in her final year with Sunrise Kids and is off to Prep next year. Without the support and help from Sunrise kids, my daughter would not be the smart, fun loving energetic child that she is. Sunrise Kids have helped her learn and grow each and every day, all of the staff show compassion and love for each child that attends which makes the children feel safe and cared for. Their education programs ensure that the children are interacting with others and learning at the same time. I’m blown away at how far my daughter has come and learnt and thanks to her teachers at Sunrise Kids she is well prepared for big school. There were times that I may have needed to change day cares due to work and home commitments however I refused because she has such a strong bond with all her educators, and I know that she is receiving the best care and education. I highly recommend Sunrise Kids to any parent.”

Cassie Meissner

I can’t praise the educators highly enough

“My daughter has been with Sunrise Kids Kallangur for the past 4 years. I can’t praise the educators highly enough for the love and care they have provided to her. The Centre is a safe environment where she has been able to express herself and explore her surroundings. She has formed great friendships with her peers and also with her favourite educators, who are like second mums to her. I highly recommend Sunrise Kids Kallangur to families who want a nurturing and safe day care centre for their child.”   

Cheri Edmonds 

We trust them implicitly

“My boys started going to Sunrise Kids in September 2018 when it changed owners. The new director and assistant director have looked after our children (at another centre) for the past 6.5 years. We trust them implicitly with our children’s care, and so now happily drive 15 mins out of our way each morning and afternoon. They really care for the kids and have become part of our family. They both have many years of experience in this industry and have been able to help us a lot over the years with advice and suggestions. The other staff here are great too. Nice and friendly. They are always doing heaps of fun activities that the kids love. Lots of outdoors play in the big sandpit, also mud and water play in summer. Food is provided, it’s prepared onsite and I am really happy with the menu. The kids always have lots of yummy healthy options and the food is really varied. They often have a hot meal as a lunch option (fried rice, butter chicken, stir-fries etc), which has also helped our guys to start eating their veggies at home!”

Wayne Gray

I loved taking my son to SunRise Kids

“I loved taking my son to SunRise Kids Mount Gravatt. When I first stepped in the door you are greeted with friendly staff, every time, upon arrival and leaving. I felt very comfortable leaving my child in the hands of the supervisors. My son loved this centre and so did I. Friendly staff and great facility, this centre definitely is a fantastic centre that we will miss. I would definitely recommend the centre to anyone.”

Tamara White

Highly recommend this day care centre

“Highly recommend this day care centre. Have never had trouble with all 4 of my children.  My now 12, almost 13-year-old, started there almost 10 years ago as a shy little boy in a shell and they brought him out of it.”

Sharnia Wilson

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